Lance Miller decks is the premier playing card product company for magicians, flourishers and collectors, not because of outpricing competition, but simply by caring more about the intent of the cards themselves. It’s obvious that people have various reasons for buying playing cards and the top three reasons are the look and feel, the quality, and the ability to use them for several different purposes.

The look and feel of my cards are considered from every conceivable angle, from the look of the tuck box, and the way they look while in motion. Whether it’s a simple fan or a multi-tiered cardistry routine, my decks always look their best!

Each deck I create features the finest quality achievable on the market today. The aspects of this quality are a finish spray that prevents the moisture from your fingers from warping the cards and thus destroying the deck, an upgraded and highly advanced paper stock that bends nearly in half and yet returns to a straight and immediately fan-able state, and advanced counterfeit measures prevent the possibility of the decks losing their value on the secondary market.

The best thing about Lance Miller Decks is that anyone can enjoy them. Whether collector, flourisher or magician, these decks are designed from every detail to fit with your ideal use in mind. Regardless of your intent, you can bet they were designed just for you.