"Look for the Silver Spade."
-Lance T. Miller 

The Mark of Quality and Excellence.

When I started creating playing cards, people often remarked on my level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This led to many discussions about what I felt separated me from the pack. 
I truly care about every aspect of every product I design. 

As the years went on I started to tell people they would know a project was mine, "Just look for the silver spade." It so happened that this would become more than just a brand mark, It would go on to become a mark of quality and excellence.

The Silver Spade is my delivery of years spent in painstaking search of the most excellent art I could create. I still strive to bring people into the stories behind my art, and learn to look for the Silver Spade.

- Lance T. Miller


The Silver Spade Signature T-Shirt is now available for our women's line.

What sets us apart

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Hand Illustrated

Lance T. Miller is an award winning illustration artist and designer. All of his designs begin the same way: Hand illustrated with lots of care and attention to detail. 

Digitally Remastered

Every illustration is digitally remastered to ensure maximum detail and premium print resolution. 

Quality Material

Beyond art, Lance is a fanatic for quality. He will go the extra mile to find the right fabric, the best fit, and the most amazing feeling shirt you've felt in your life.


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